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My goal is to ensure the baby is fed,

the mother is supported, and

the family is happily thriving.

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What to expect during a consultation

A typical consultation will include a brief health history and discussion about your baby's delivery and feeding thus far. We can weigh your baby on my hospital grade scale before you breastfeed, then weigh the baby after the feeding to gauge intake. We’ll do a deep dive into whatever issues you’re experiencing. Sometimes a pumping session is necessary. I'll give you a realistic plan of care, taking into consideration the nuances of your baby, your needs and goals, and your family's well-being. Instructions for follow-up are provided. Initial visits are usually 1.5 hours.


Problem Solving

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In practice since 2009 & board-certified at the highest level, Lora has experience with NICU babies & other complex cases.




Every situation is unique. We work around your goals and your family's specific needs as your journey takes shape.

Always Relaxed

Never Rushed


Visits are slow-paced and take place in the comfort of your home. We will try to plan around your baby's schedule.  

Written Plans

& Follow-up

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You will receive a written plan of care with instructions for follow-up. You can check in or ask questions any time, by text/email/phone.

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About me: I'm a Los Angeles native; I live by LAX with my two kids and two dogs; University of Arizona grad; previously worked in fashion, music, and finance. Favorite things: my kids, my dogs, my job, my city, being outdoors, books, travel, concerts, and volunteering at the local little league ballfield. 

Lora Thomas, IBCLC

Your Los Angeles Lactation Consultant
Helping families since 2009

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How does it work?

  • To make an appointment you can text, email, or call when you're ready.

  • Consultations take place in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

  • We'll do our best to time the visit around your baby's feeding schedule.

  • Early morning, evening, weekend, and holiday appointments are available.

  • You will never be charged afterhours, travel, or cancellation fees. 

  • Fill out this form to check if I am in-network with your insurance company.

  • If I am in-network, you get six visits guaranteed.

  • If I am not in-network, an initial consultation is $250, follow-ups are $200.

  • In-network insurance companies: Anthem, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Humana, United Healthcare HMO and PPO, and some Cigna plans. Also, check your insurance card for PNOA and MultiPlan logos. All PNOA plans are in-network, some MultiPlan plans are in-network. If you are with one of the above-mentioned companies, you are covered regardless of whether your card has the PNOA or Multiplan logos.

  • I'm sorry, I cannot take Medical.

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Flexible hours
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